I am so very thankful for everyone that supported (and continue to support) this project.

First of all, thank you to each of my guests for so generously agreeing to talk with me and share their expertise and perspectives. I learned so much from everyone and have such admiration for their work.

A big thank you also goes to my advisor, Dr. Jutta Treviranus, for her patience and encouragement while I spiraled through various cycles of self-doubt and hesitation and for saying, “Yes, do that” when I tentatively brought up podcasting.

Thank you to everyone in my cohort. I learned so much from everyone and will miss our Slack rants. I wish we had been able to meet in person again before this degree finished.

Thank you to Amanda Coolidge, my supervisor at BCcampus, for her support and encouragement before and throughout this degree. Thank you also to my colleague at BCcampus Tim Carson for generously lending me a good quality microphone and sharing resources on how to get started with podcasting.

And thank you to Madeline Peacock for transcribing most of the episodes!

I’d also like to express my gratitude for the many people whose work influenced how I thought about this project and continue to inspire me:


The website cover image is by Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay.

The icon used in the podcast graphic and throughout social media graphics is “Knowledge Growth” by Vectors Point on The Noun Project. I purchased a license to use this graphic, but it’s also available under a CC BY 4.0 License. All graphic design work was done using Canva.